What I Did All These Years(as a programmer)


My friend took me into a internet bar, and I had my first day with Internet and computer.


was taught on Computer basics(MS Windows daily usage) and later had a course on C


bought my first pc, a lenovo(at that time called legend) desktop, and during the shopping I saw a Founder desktop with Redflag linux installed, people told me that operating system in named Unix, and nobody knew how to use it…


Photoshop, Moviemaker, gif generator, music convertor,… all in MS windows.


This was the year I started to use C again, some simple single thread programs for 80C51 platform, did not achieve much and like much


Bad, bad, I can not remember how Linux stepped into my life, I should remember my first day with Linux, since it was really a important day in my life. But it was basically like this:

I was at that time a graduate student in NCEPU, our lab was trying to develop a data acquisition instrument for power stations. That’s why I did some 80C51 hacking the earlier year, but later people found out it will be nice that we can have a operating system running on our device, so that we can add more smarts easily to it. So we switched from the 16bit 80C51 to ARM(advanced RISC Machine) Chip, and chose WinCE as the OS.

Linux was brought to me by ARM. Learning how to using ARM, I found many people actually using Linux on ARM chip.


I had a short time work as a student researcher in Lenovo Ltd. It sucked.

2008.8 ~ 2008.9: [Lenovo Co.Ltd][lenovo]

I participated in the smart phone project Cixtone mainly worked on the Officeviewer part developed with Qt, as a tester.


Worked for Asianux for 9 months, as a system updater developer


One month work in http://www.tvie.com.cn/ as python coder to do glue code in a multimedia project. Then I joined http://www.akaedu.org.


Traveling, teaching all around the country, making a lot of friends. Started my http://happycasts.net ( 后来改名叫:haoduoshipin.com)


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