Second Coding For Fun

I had my second Coding For Fun last Saturday, it was nice.

I showed a driver developer how to use git, when he said since he did not write a lot of code, git tips I gave was not very useful. But he was interested in my gd&<c-o> trick to read Makefiles. He showed me his and how to acquire a domain name at He was really helpful.

Since I was building my own website and blog these days, I wanted those from my peers is nice one.

Late in that afternoon, a big guy from Canonical gave a talk on Arm Ubuntu, I wish stable device be available soon, that way I do not need to learn a new platform like Andriod or iOS, most my desktop ubuntu conf skills can be used on my Handheld device.

Good friends, cozy place, meaningful conversations. Interested? Head for, find out when is the nice one and feel free to join us.