Kanas Suggestion

My friend,

I am writing to comment on your http://kanasshop.com/. You are doing quite well I think by making this site pretty. But here I want to give my opinion on how we can add more beauty and reduce its unnecessary complexity.

I take http://www.apple.com/ as an example for good style.

I am not with you to choose Tux as logo for your shop, it is simply not distinguishable enough from the standard tux logo. You have a character Tao on that, but for me that is not related to your product. As a customer, all I want from a site is the info of the products and services. And I will be most satisfied if I experience the most in beauty and the least in complexity while getting all the info I want. If a site fail to do that, it will lose my love in the first 5 or 10 seconds. All in all, do not push content unrelated because of your personal taste, this is also for your slogan ZiQiangBuXi.

A logo shall be unique, simple and preferably somewhat related to your product. For me I need a logo suitable for different colors, because one day I may want to change the CSS of this site and have another color scheme. The logos of apple and ubuntu are good.


You have not add your logo to your <head><title>, that is detail of course, but Devil Lives In Details, the absence of this will be considered unprofessional in the picky eyes of your potential customers.

English Version

Nice to have a English Version of your stuff, I believe.

Get Feedbacks

Be it a forum or a comment area, have some place for people to comment on your ideas. Github founder once said on his own site, (I forget which post these words are on), that he had long been in love of posting his ideas on web, and the feedbacks turned out to be invaluable.

Free Trial

Thinking about Github.com, I think their service module is partly the reason for their rapid taking-off. It is that they let you to have a free trial of their services, later you find these nice, you are apt to pay. So, if possible, provide sth free, show people why Open Source can be so much fun on kanasshop.com , maybe we won’t get money, we will get least get fame, and thus more social connections.


I found sth here:

That’s all for today, and let’s discuss later. Wish you success, I admire your wit and courage.