Hi Qinhuangdao

Merry Xmas guys. I am already missing you.

It was great honor of mine to show you the charming world of Linux and OpenSource. For me it’s all about humanity, about helping people make a life during the process of making a living.

Technology is a lot of fun when you do it the right way, then what is the right way?

It is for me not about learning tons of Bash skills and Vim tips in the shortest time, it can be quit boring if you drive yourself too hard this way. Building a knowledge base and a expertise on Linux takes time and patience, it is the power from the bottom of your heart that will eventually take you through. And the power is not from the tease of Money and Fame, but from the charm of the tech itself, hacker is somebody that loves playful cleverness, as Richard Stallman once put it. No good programmer learn to be great, they became great by following their love and passion. So learning by doing my friends, and for us programmers, maybe its more proper to say, learning by PLAYING.

Follow your interest, build your skills basing on what you already know, leave things that are toooo difficult for you to the future, and say fuckyou to anything that bores you. Keep it simple and Let it grow. Coding for fun!

Can never forget there was once a team of 21(myself included), it was not easy to leave QinHuangDao.